Dear Facybulka Member,

With much deliberation, we have decided that 2017 will be the final year of operation for

When FacyBulka was launched in 2013, it really was the “best of class” marketng platform app of its kind, optimized for simplicity and maximum profit for sellers and affiliates by schedule automated posting in facebook groups. That is, unfortunately, no longer so.

While Facybulka has attempted to find “economies of scale” to keep delivering maximum benefit to member partners, we have found that the increasing costs of operation are outpacing revenue. The economics are no longer feasible. Given that Facybulka is already charging more than many of the competitors, we decided that rather than price ourselves out of the league, it’s time to shut Facybulka down, as gracefully as possible.

Note the word “gracefully”. We really mean it - we know It is really a difficult and unfortunate decision to loose one of our best business from portfolio, but it's better than charging our users extra fee. So we have planned to shutdown this service after 4 years in race since October 9th 2013, give all our members and customers enough of a “runway” to transition their choice to another platform.

TL;DR - All Facybulka sales Guarantees end in 30 days as mentioned in refund policy termes (1.2) : General Service interruptions or Shutdown .

All Infos related your API was cleaned from our platform and data-bases, now you can delete your APP from facebook Developers to be sure that your account is released from our system.

To all our clients and affiliates, thank you for joining us on this awesome ride. Some of you only joined recently, but others have been with Facybulka for its entire 4 years of existence. It’s been a blast, and I wish you well in your future business endeavours.

If you have concerns about the FacyBulka service shutdown that were not addressed in this notice, send an email to

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